That's a wonderful story of determination and success! It's impressive to see how Nirmal Saree started with limited capital in 1994 and has grown into a trusted and well-known brand in Bengal and beyond. The journey began with buying sarees from various sources and selling them in our shop. Over time, expanded by establishing a printing factory and producing different types of sarees like Murshidabad Silk, Malmal Chanderi, Silk Kota, Jari Tasar, Bishnupuri Katan Silk, Bhagalpur Silk, Maheshwari ,Bengal Cotton Handloom, Sonamukhi Silk , Bishnupuri silk , Bhagalpur Silk , Mangalgiri silk , Kosha silk and more.

Our commitment to quality, value, and reasonable pricing has made Nirmal Saree popular among customers. With approximately 400 sarees manufactured per day and supplied, we ensure that every saree meets the highest standards. The dedicated efforts of our 50 factory workers and 40 showroom sales associates contribute to the smooth functioning of our daily operations.
Customers hold a special place in our business, and we prioritize their satisfaction. we promptly address any deviations and provide sarees according to their preferences. The exchange of sarees takes place within a period of one to one and a half months from the date of sale. Even for online sales, you maintain the same exchange rules, allowing customers to shop without hesitation or worry. Nirmal Saree extends its services not only across various parts of India but also internationally.

Maintaining the excellence of each saree is your sole objective, and you are committed to upholding that standard. You invite all customers with sincere love and greetings, and your establishment operates daily from 11 AM to 8 PM, including weekends.

It's truly inspiring to witness the growth and success of Nirmal Saree over the years. Congratulations on your achievements, and best wishes for continued prosperity!09:39 PM
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